Industries We Serve

As a boutique labor, employment and benefits practice, our clients range from start-ups to multinational corporations and non-profit organizations. With our big Boston firm training and experience, we provide forward thinking best practice initiatives, consistent with industry specific compliance obligations, to address unique issues that arise in particular industries, such as:

Health Care Industry

In addition to the day-to-day employment and benefits issues, Health Care Industry Clients, including health systems, hospitals, and practice groups, rely upon us for advice concerning HIPAA policies and training, HIPAA and data privacy breach reporting and audits, employment issues relating to population health management including OSHA compliant violence protection safety programs, design of compliant wellness initiatives, immigration needs, and collective bargaining.

Defense Industry

We are prepared to address the unique employment laws impacting federal contractors including development of government ethics policies, affirmative action programs, and compliant drug testing programs, as well as investigating whistleblower complaints and managing self-reporting and industry self-audit obligations.

Construction Industry

For our construction industry clients, we are well versed in managing OSHA investigations, citations, penalties and appeals, as well as addressing legal issues relating to 8(f) collective bargaining agreements, project labor agreements, Davis Bacon Act obligations, worker misclassification, joint employer and withdrawal liability.

Hi-Tech Industry

In the hi-tech industry, we are well suited to guide hi-tech employers through the immigration process, negotiate temporary staffing agreements, and minimize worker misclassification problems that can pose wage-hour as well as ERISA fiduciary violations, and to design work from home and data security policies.


Our non-profit clients face unique needs when driving their mission forward, often on a budget, while complying with state and federal employment laws, including but not limited to HIPAA, data privacy, 403(b) benefit plan administration, state and federal program audits, fraud programs, and retaining talent for often low-paying physically and mentally demanding work.

Start Ups

Our employment and benefits attorneys have launched many start-ups by providing contracts, templates, policies, and guidance to avoid employment and benefits pitfalls for new ventures, including but not limited to handbook design, employment contracts, drug testing plans, CORI checks, FLSA compliant job descriptions, and establishing sound governance for ERISA plans.